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Yamaha PAC611VFM Pacifica in Root Beer

Yamaha PAC611VFM Pacifica in Root Beer

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  • The Yamaha PAC611VFM Pacifica Electric Guitar has everything you need for stellar tone without compromise. It all starts with the woods: maple for the body and neck and a gorgeous flamed maple laminate top and speedy rosewood for the fingerboard. This combination alone is enough to take the PAC611VFM Pacifica to the top of its class, but Yamaha refused to stop there. A pair of full-force Seymour Duncan pickups in the bridge and neck expands this instrument's tonal palette in ways that make it the perfect go-to instrument for rock, jazz, metal, fusion, and everything in between. Let's not forget the Wilkinson tremolo for handling your most expressive phrases, made even better with Grover locking tuners to keep everything sounding pitch perfect. Of course, don't just take our word for it — grab the PAC611VFM Pacifica, plug it in, and bask in all its sonic glory!

    Hard-hitting tonewood cocktail

    Yamaha constructed the PAC611VFM Pacifica with premium woods throughout. Its all-maple body is topped with a stunning flame maple laminate, producing a bright, cutting tone that sounds just as great on stage as it does in the studio. The sturdy and snappy maple neck is capped with smooth-as-glass rosewood, a timeless tonewood coveted for its incredible feel, excellent response, and ability to send your playing from head to heel in a flash. Pacifica owners always remark how magnificent the necks feel, and the PAC611VFM is no different. Its supremely comfortable "C"-shaped neck rests perfectly in your fretting hand for longer, more relaxed playing sessions — good luck putting this showstopper down!

    Killer Seymour Duncan pickups

    High-powered pickups give the PAC611VFM Pacifica a bold and brash sound that beckons to be heard. The Seymour Duncan TB-14 humbucker in the bridge position is your go-to for dialing in thick, searing humbucking tones. The SP90-1N in the neck position pairs perfectly with the TB-14, providing crisp and clear single-coil tones with some extra bite. And with a 3-position blade, a master volume, and a master tone with a push-pull control, you can tailor this 6-string's incredibly expansive tonal palette to a wide variety of genres and styles — something that many experimental axe wielders thoroughly appreciate.

    Yamaha PAC611VFM Pacifica Electric Guitar Features:

    • 6-string solidbody guitar with a full-spectrum sound
    • Maple body topped with a flamed maple laminate produces a strong, clear, bright tone
    • Snappy and responsive "C"-shaped maple neck capped with silky-smooth rosewood
    • High-powered Seymour Duncan TB-14 in the bridge and SP90-1N in the neck take you from chimey cleans to gut-punching grind with the flick of a switch
    • Push-pull master tone knob offers even greater tonal versatility
    • Wilkinson VS50 6 tremolo handles bends and warbles with ease
    • Grover locking tuners keep everything tuned and ready to rock
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