1. Do you have e-commerce site other than this website?

YES, if you prefer so you can also purchase our products in our e-commerce store.

Please note, however, that for some items the price can be slightly higher than listed here on Website because there are fees involved on the e-commerce accounts.

You can check our e-commerce Tokopedia account (for Indonesia Customers) in HERE

and also our Reverb Store (for International Buyers) in HERE

2. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide by DHL Express 5 days of Service with insurance included to almost all countries.

NOTE : For customers in Malaysia / Singapore, we offer cheaper and more affordable shipping using RaySpeed.
Please choose your preferred courier in the checkout page.

However, if you are an overseas customer and you cannot check out from this site (usually it will say Invalid Address or Shipping Not Supported), that means the DHL automatic shipping calculator rate does not support your country yet.

If that happens, to get an inquiry about the accurate shipping fee to your country, Please kindly contact us directly through whatsapp to our international sales at +62818801520 or send us an email to sales@nafiriguitar.com

At the moment we are still on the process of integrating more countries into DHL international shipment calculator module in our website. 

For further inquiry regarding international shipment please contact us by Whatsapp or email in the Contact Us Page.

3. What payment method do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, Credit Card, and Paypal payment (with Extra Fee).
You can choose the payment method during checkout.

4. The guitar that I want is out of stock. How long will it take to restock?

We restock regularly, and every day there are new shipments coming in and guitars going out to our customers.
You can also click the "NOTIFY ME" button on the product page and we will send you and email notification once the item is back in stock.

We also suggest you to check with our sales representatives regarding the ETA of the guitar that you want (either by email or Whatsapp).
OR better yet, you can follow our instagram account @nafirimusic and turn on the notifications for new post.
We always post new stuff coming in fresh from the factories or from distributors.

5. Do you have Display Guitars?


Are of our instruments are kept in their original box from the manufacturer, and only taken out once when arrived for QC checking and photographed.

Due to limited space and our growing inventory (thousands of guitars now), all of our guitars and basses are stored inside of the original case or original carton box in our humidity controlled warehouse to keep them in pristine and perfect condition.

We strongly suggest that to save your time, If there is a particular guitar that you want to try, please kindly inform us by whatsapp or phone call prior to your arrival at the store so we can prepare the guitar for you.

Sometimes due to the massive inventory It can be a little bit overwhelming to find a particular guitar and needs some extra time, so your early notification is greatly appreciated.

You can find detailed pictures of each guitar in our inventory in the website, and you can check reviews or sound checks of guitars and basses that we sell in our Instagram Review account : @nafiriguitars and our youtube account Nafiri Music Jakarta

If you need further pictures or videos, you can ask our Sales Representatives and we will be more than happy to help you.

6. Are the pictures in the listing taken from the actual instrument? Will I get the exact guitar or bass as shown in the picture?

Some of the pictures shown in the listing are the actual instruments (especially for the higher priced guitars or basses) BUT for the affordable instruments on which we have multiple stocks or high turnovers we use our stock pictures, meaning you might get a different grain of woods or figured tops than the one in the listing picture.

IF you want to see the actual guitar that we have in stock, or a quick video of the instrument in stock, please kindly send us a Whatsapp Message to +62818801520 and we will be happy to assist.

7. What Does B Stock Means?

B Stock instruments has small (or sometimes very small and hard to notice) cosmetic flaws that maybe cannot be seen in pictures, such as small scratches or small paint defect that do not affect the playability of the instruments. 

You can take advantage by purchasing the B Stock instruments because those are usually sold at a very great deal!