About Us



NAFIRI MUSIC GROUP was founded back in 2003 as a small offline music store in Jakarta, Indonesia and went online since 2008 serving customers nationwide and worldwide.

We are guitar freaks and guitar lovers, and there are thousands of inventories for you to choose!
No matter if you are just about to begin your guitar journey, hobbyist, session players, or seasoned veterans, our team are happy to assist you.

We are an authorized dealers and retailers for these brands :

- Fender Group Family (Fender/Squier/Gretsch/Charvel/Jackson/EVH)
- Gibson Group Family (Gibson/Epiphone/Kramer)
- Ibanez
- Schecter
- ESP LTD (ESP/E-II/LTD/Edwards/Grass Roots)
- Tokai Guitar Japan
- Soloking
- SLX Guitar
- Saito Guitar Japan
- SQOE Spain Group Family (SQOE/Chard/Galatasaray)
- Aguda and Jerry King Guitars
- Covenant Guitar
- Taylor Guitar
- Martin Guitar
- Cort
- Takamine
- Tanglewood
- Marshall
- Blackstar

At the moment, we have expanded into 3 Offline Stores :

Nafiri Music, Jl. Bellyra Raya Blok I No. 15 Kelapa Gading
Telp : (021) 45840112
email : sales@nafiriguitar.com
Contact our Sales Team :  
Wawan 0818801520 (call + WA)
Sigit 081389443774 (call + WA)
Ogi 0812-9276-2299 (Call + WA)

Asia Pro Sound, Rukan Emerald Blok UF No. 15 Summarecon Bekasi
Telp : (021) 29620550
HP / WA : 085920096930 / 082260804944

Primanada, Ruko Inkopal Blok A No 3 Boulevard Barat Kelapa Gading (seberang MOI)
Telp : (021) 45851012
HP / WA : +62 812-8362-5260

We Are also a Proud Member of NAMM.


- This site www.nafiriguitar.com is dedicated ONLY for guitars and basses and related accessories and amps in Nafiri Music Kelapa Gading.

- For other inquiries such as keyboard / digital piano / drum / sound system / karaoke system / microphones / conference system please kindly check Asia Pro Sound and Primanada or visit their respective website. 


Due to limited space and our growing inventory (thousands of guitars as of now), all of our guitars and basses are stored inside of the original case or original carton box in our humidity controlled warehouse to keep them in pristine and perfect condition.

We do have a limited space of showroom but only select brands are on display (Soloking, Tokai, SLX, Aguda, Covenant, SQOE Spain).

We STRONGLY suggest that to save your time, If there is a particular guitar that you want to try or take a look, please kindly inform us by whatsapp or phone call prior to your arrival at the store so we can prepare the guitar for you.

Sometimes due to the massive inventory It can be a little bit overwhelming to find a particular guitar and needs some extra time, so your early notification is greatly appreciated.