Collection: Soloking

Soloking Guitar is established in 2015 with the mission of bringing custom shop quality and design with affordable price.
They have a solid RND Team committed to put the attention to each and every guitar, with player"s opinion and input taken into consideration.
Soloking guitar is proudly using high quality timber and wood, meticulously selected by their staffs.
Detailed craftmanship with excellent fretwork plus super comfort playability are standard features that you can expect from these instruments!
Whether you are a vintage or modern players, bluesman or metalhead, fusion or neo soul shredders, we believe that you will find something in our vast and growing catalogue of guitars and basses.
Some of the successful and best selling models are the MS-1 and MT-1 that has find their place in the heart of musicians, guitar players, hobbyist. and also guitar collectors and guitar nerds worldwide.