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Yamaha NCX3 Acoustic Electric Nylon Full Solid in Natural

Yamaha NCX3 Acoustic Electric Nylon Full Solid in Natural

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Classically-styled Nylon String Acoustic with Top-notch Electronics

The Yamaha NCX3 Acoustic-electric Guitar offers the best of both worlds when it comes to old-school feel and modern tone. Made with all-solid tonewoods, this guitar features a solid sitka spruce top for untouchable note projection. The back and sides are made from solid walnut to create a warm tone with a bell-like quality. The traditionally-carved mahogany neck is wide and flat in your hand. Meanwhile, the flat-radius ebony fingerboard has plenty of space between the strings — just how you like it. The onboard Atmosfeel electronics provide an open and airy plugged-in tone that pleases the ear. Yamaha's NCX3 combines top-notch tonewoods, traditional feel, and robust electronics. It's a great choice for accomplished nylon-string players who need great plugged-in tone.

Modern design meets classical feel

The NCX3 sports some decidedly classical features, including the traditional 2-1/16" nut width, flat-radius ebony fingerboard, and slotted headstock. These features work together to give you an undeniably classic feel with lots of room for your fingers to work up and down the frets. Don't let the classic look and feel fool you, this instrument has the full weight of Yamaha's forward-thinking design team behind it. The top bracing has been painstakingly refined to loosen up the top to optimize the bass response without compromising the structural integrity of the instrument. This guitar has an open and airy acoustic tone with a defined attack that you'll love.

All-solid tonewoods create tons of resonance

The Yamaha NCX3 was crafted with all-solid tonewoods. The most obvious reason for this design choice is to take advantage of the natural resonance of the wood. This instrument's cutaway body is made with a sitka spruce top which showcases the punchy attack it's known for. Further, walnut back and sides add warm overtones with a pleasing low-end response. Built by master craftsmen with the best wood available, you can be assured that this Yamaha acoustic is every bit the purebred classical guitar it's billed to be.

Atmosfeel electronics ensure first-rate plugged-in tone

The Red Label NCX3 is equipped with Yamaha’s Atmosfeel pickup and preamp system. This innovative system lends a natural, three-dimensional sound to your guitar via a 3-way sensor setup. A piezo under-saddle sensor picks up sound where the strings meet the bridge, while an internal microphone captures the guitar’s internal resonance and a sheet sensor picks up vibrations from its soundboard. A Mic Blend knob enables you to blend the mic signal with the piezo. A treble EQ knob shapes the tone. You also get a Master Volume control.

Yamaha NCX3 Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • A professional quality acoustic built by one of the world's most popular manufacturers
  • Solid sitka spruce top adds pleasing note definition
  • Solid walnut back and sides create a rich, warm tone
  • Atmosfeel electronics reproduce natural plugged-in tone
  • Tuned bracing pattern enhances bass response
  • Traditional neck profile and string spacing gives you plenty of room to fret chords and play lead lines
  • Flat fingerboard adds to the classical feel
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