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Vox V-CM-60 Clubman 60 Guitar Amplifier

Vox V-CM-60 Clubman 60 Guitar Amplifier

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Nutube Powered Guitar Amp Voiced Specifically for Jazz Tones

The VOX Clubman 60 is the perfect guitar amp for those looking for a warm, mellow tone. This lightweight amp delivers a rich, full-range sound with the help of the innovative Korg Nutube vacuum tube. With 60 watts of power, this amp is ideal for hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars.

The two-channel design allows for a broader sound palette, with INPUT 1 producing a high-fidelity, warm, and natural sound. This channel is perfect for players who want to achieve a classic sound for their hollow or semi-hollow guitars. Meanwhile, INPUT 2 is voiced for more traditional electric guitar tones, which makes it perfect for pairing with your favorite drive pedals.

The VOX Clubman 60 is also perfect for line-level recording, thanks to its line out jack. And with built-in chorus and reverb effects, you can add even more depth and flavor to your sound.

Whether you're playing a small gig or recording in your home studio, the VOX Clubman 60 is the perfect choice for discerning guitarists. So get ready to develop your new favorite tone with this amazing amp!

INSTRUMENT jack : 6.3 mm phone jack (unbalanced) × 2
AUX IN jack : stereo mini-phone jack
LINE OUT jack : 6.3 mm phone jack (unbalanced)
PHONES jack : stereo mini-phone jack
Vacuum tube : Nutube 6P1

INPUT 1 Channel: Chorus, reverb, chorus + reverb
INPUT 2 Channel: Same as above

– INPUT 1 Channel
BASS : ±10 dB @200Hz
MIDDLE : ±7 dB @700Hz
TREBLE : ±10 dB @3.5kHz

– INPUT 2 Channel
BASS : ±10 dB @200Hz
TREBLE : ±10 dB @3.5kHz

Power amp output : approx. 50 W RMS (60 W peak)
Speaker : VOX Original 8″ speaker with tweeter (2-way coaxial)
Power : AC adapter (19 V DC)
Power consumption : 3.42 A
Dimensions : 354 (W) × 208 (D) × 313 (H) mm/13.94 × 8.19 × 12.32″
Weight : 4.6 kg/10.14 lb

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