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TC Electronic Dual Wreck Preamp Pedal

TC Electronic Dual Wreck Preamp Pedal

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A High-Gain Heavyweight Joins The Ampworx Family

One of the heaviest-sounding models the Ampworx series has to offer, the TC Electronic Dual Wreck preamp pedal exactly emulates one of the most iconic high-gain amplifiers in modern guitar history. This pedal’s 2-channel configuration and channel-independent control scheme — including a 3-band EQ, Level/Gain, and Tight knob —allows you to instantly swap between two of your favorite double-rectifier-style sounds. Like its fellow high-gain Ampworx siblings, the Dual Wreck boasts a secondary footswitch that unlocks a hard-hitting boost that can either be placed before or after the preamp circuit for enhanced sonic versatility. A global Presence knob and cab sim-enabled DI out complete the package, adding up to a must-have pedalboard addition for any guitarist hunting after crushing high-gain tones in a pint-size pedal preamp format.

Bring on The Double-Rectifier Boogie

From this pedal’s name to its pummeling array of versatile high-gain voices, the TC Electronic Dual Wreck wears its tonal heart on its sleeve. There’s no mistaking this pedal’s harmonic-laden assault of fat, full-range dirty tones — it’s a natural fit for modern metal applications. However, the Dual Wreck also excels at less extreme and more traditional rock-oriented tones. Meaty rhythm crunch, vocal-like leads with never-ending sustain, and everything else in between — the TC Electronic Dual Wreck is a tonal masterclass in high-gain might.

Footswitchable Boost with Dedicated Rear-Panel Controls

Looking to crank up the grit? Stomp on the Dual Wreck’s Boost footswitch to add some extra heat to your tone! Moreover, the “Pre/Post” switch gives you the power to choose where the boost is placed in your signal chain. While it can be placed at the end of the Dual Wreck’s circuit for more volume and authority, Sweetwater guitarists find that cranking the boost up in the “Pre” section results in rich, saturated overdrive tones on even the mildest of pickup configurations.

A Comprehensive Set of Functional Features

Apart from serving as a spot-on amplifier emulation, the Dual Wreck is loaded with a vast array of quality-of-life functions to aid you in your practice, recording, and gigging endeavors. First up, the 2-channel design features fully independent tone-shaping options on each respective channel, with a dedicated footswitch to instantly swap between your custom-crafted sounds. In addition, the Dual Wreck boasts a DI for easy recording and performance, equipped with an official Celestion cab-sim IR emulation for the full dynamic response of a classic amp stack.

TC Electronic Ampworx Dual Wreck Preamp Pedal Features :

  • A spot-on emulation of the guitar world’s most iconic double-rectifier guitar sound
  • TC Electronic’s cutting-edge Ampworx modeling technology provides a stunningly accurate replication of the original amp’s response
  • 2-channel design with independent controls allows you to shape two drastically different sounds to swap between with the click of a switch
  • Secondary footswitch unlocks a fiery Boost, which can be placed either before or after the preamp’s circuit
  • 3-band EQ, Tight control, and Gain/Level knobs to dial-in your sound
  • Global presence control makes it a breeze to dial in a bit of extra definition
  • Cab sim-enabled DI with an official Celestion IR imparts a touch of space and sonic authenticity to your tone
  • Headphone input allows for quiet practice sessions

Tech Specs :

  • Type:Guitar Preamp
  • EQ:3-band EQ, Presence
  • Manufacturer Part Number:0709-AJS86-001
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