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TC Electronic DC30 Preamp

TC Electronic DC30 Preamp

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Features : 

  • Guitar preamp pedal faithfully recreates the tone, touch and feel of a 1965 Top Boost AC30* combo amp
  • Two channels with independent gain, volume and EQ controls for classic British rock, blues and pop tones
  • Independent gain controls for Normal and High inputs, just like the real amp with a jumper cable
  • Signature AC30 high cut control for taming or dialing in that unmistakable high end bite
  • Integrated booster activates at the kick of a footswitch with Pre/Post option and adjustable gain level on the back panel
  • Pre boost dialed in to drive the amp model harder and add a distinct mid hump like a classic overdrive pedal
  • Dedicated DI output, equipped with official Celestion 2x12 Alnico Blue cab sim IR, turns your pedalboard into a gig-ready rig direct to PA system or audio interface for recording
  • Dedicated headphone output, equipped with official Celestion 2x12 Alnico Blue cab sim IR, for huge tube amp tones and practice sessions that won’t disturb your neighbors
  • Optional bypass or always on channel change footswitch modes
  • Groundbreaking TC AMPWORX modeling technology provides low latency, huge dynamic range and feels like the real deal
  • Perfect pedalboard-friendly pedal platform takes drive pedals like a champ

Putting the Great in Great Britain
The original amp that DC30 built upon is a British amp classic, and among its most notable users you also find a host of the finest British bands in the history of rock ‘n roll. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who and many more brought this amp to the stage as well as in the studio to shape the sound of their music. Now, DC30 gives you the possibility to tap into that classic vintage sound. You’ll love it. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

As Precise as it Gets
Our passionate and guitar-playing team of engineers set out to faithfully recreate the original amp with the painstaking accuracy and attention to detail that only guitar players with actual hands-on experience with the original amp can achieve. At the heart of DC30, our AMPWORX modeling technology works its magic, carefully recreating the classic guitar tone that’s the sum of each and every component from the circuit of the original. The result? The best and most precise digital amp modeling of this famous amp you have ever run your guitar through.

Stack up on Hard-Rocking Tones
We kept the control layout true to the original to not only give you authentic tone, but also a familiar look that makes you feel right at home right out of the box. From here you can stay classic, or shape tones that will fit beautifully and seamlessly in modern genres, adding a touch of that delicious vintage vibe. It’s all up to you how you want to tweak DC30, but rest assured that no matter what, you’ll be able to sculpt jaw-dropping guitar tones that are perfect for bending notes as well as minds.

Specification :

Input : 1 x ¼" TS, unbalanced
Input impedance : >1 MΩ
Output : 1 x ¼" TRS, balanced with ground sensing*
Direct out (cab sim) : 1 x ¼" TRS, balanced with ground sensing*
Output impedance : 1 kΩ
Headphones : 1 x 1/8" TRS, stereo
Headphones impedance range : >32 Ω
USB port : Mini-B USB connector

Top panel : BOOST GAIN, BOOST switch (PRE / POST)
Footswitches : BOOST, CHANNEL (bypass)

Speaker and cab emulation impulse response : Celestion Alnico Blue, 2 x 12" open back cabinet
Bypass : Buffered bypass

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