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Squier Paranormal Toronado in 3 Color Sunburst with Tortoiseshell Pickguard

Squier Paranormal Toronado in 3 Color Sunburst with Tortoiseshell Pickguard

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A Late-'90s Offset Makes a Triumphant Return

Squier has reached back into the annals of rock history to resurrect Fender's most memorable original guitar design. We're talking about the Toronado, of course! This fan-favorite 4-knob, twin-humbucker tone machine has been responsible for some serious radio hits from the late 1990s forward, and is now back to foist its Sunset Strip vibes and impeccable Fender finishes on a new generation of players. This uncommon Offset is fueled by Squier's take on Fender's fire-breathing Atomic pickups, which pack the heat you need to be heard from any side of the stage and a flavor to fuel your amps and stomps in fresh ways. Each pickup's independent volume and tone controls unleash a massive range of contemporary Fender colors, from punchy blues rhythms and smooth jazz cleans to a pummeling palm-mute crunch. The easy-playing 24.75-inch scale adds extra slinkiness to the timeless Fender formula. And a Slim "C" profile maple neck gives this axe the speed and reach you need to take on '80s shred to modern progressive metal. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on this forgotten piece of Fender history

Iconic Offset design

Not quite a Jazzmaster and not quite a Jaguar, the carve of Squier's Paranormal Toronado body is something altogether unique. It's paired with a slightly reduced 24.75-inch-scale maple neck for a slinky response in the hand and effortless access to all the Toronado's 22 narrow-tall frets.

Squier Atomic humbuckers

The Paranormal Toronado rocks a pair of high-output Atomic humbuckers to frontload your amps and dirt boxes. Yet for all their output, both pickups clean up pretty well with the spin of their independent volume knobs.

Hardtail bridge holds tuning

Not a trem user? This Toronado is for you. The lack of a vibrato bridge promotes rock-solid tuning stability for greasy blues to downtuned metal; the string-through design delivers a rich resonance that permeates all the way up and down the instrument.

Brought to you by the Squier Paranormal series

To create the Paranormal series, the mad scientists at Squier broke down a selection of Fender’s most popular designs to the atomic level and smashed them together, bringing to life some of the coolest aberrant axes we’ve ever seen. Flipped headstocks, Frankenstein electronics, necks on bodies to which they don’t belong — these guitars and basses break all the rules! So, if you’ve ever desired to chuck a set of P-90s into a Cabronita, play a Mustang with the voice of a Strat, or own a J-Bass dressed up as a P-Bass, you’ll love the Squier Paranormal series.

Squier Paranormal Toronado Electric Guitar Features:

  • A late-'90s Offset makes a triumphant return
  • Part of the Squier Paranormal series
  • Hardtail bridge is great for high-energy benders and pickers
  • High-output Atomic humbuckers have the heat you need to be heard from the stage
  • 3-way toggle with independent volume and tone knobs for each pickup
  • Slinky 24.75-inch-scale Slim "C" maple neck
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