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Ibanez RGIR37BFE-BKF Iron Label 7-String in Black Flat

Ibanez RGIR37BFE-BKF Iron Label 7-String in Black Flat

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Super-aggressive 7-string

This RGIR37BFE 7-string comes right from the core of Ibanez's Iron Label line of solidbody electric guitars. These guitars are aimed directly at building the ultimate guitars for metal styles, and the RGIR37BFE definitely follows suit. From the two EMG 707 active humbuckers to the incredibly fast Nitro Wizard-7 neck profile, every detail of the RGIR37BFE 7-string is designed to make tearing through high-gain passages as effortless as possible. And the RGIR37BFE 7-string's onboard kill switch opens even more options for a fast gated sound, or the ever-popular stuttering effect.

Ibanez RGIR37BFE 7-string Iron Label Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Searing tone from high-output electronics
  • The famous speed of an Ibanez Wizard neck
  • Straight-forward look

Searing tone from high-output electronics

EMG pickups have long been the reigning champions of high-output active pickups used in heavy metal music. So when Ibanez built this RGIR37BFE 7-string they knew right where to go for their firepower. The 707 in the bridge and neck positions offer a thick and full tone, perfect for distinct single-note solos and wide harmonic overtones. The onboard kill switch ups the game by offering you more ways to express your self. Sweetwater guitarists love this feature for the famous stuttering effect.

The famous speed of an Ibanez Wizard neck

Not a lot can be said for Ibanez's Wizard neck profile that hasn't already been said. When the first Wizard necks were introduced they took the guitar world by storm. Never before had a neck allowed such fleet-fingered playing with such ease. On this RGIR37BFE 7-string you get that same profile on a 3-piece maple/bubinga construction, finished in satin nitrocellulose. Not only will your fingers fly across the 24-fret rosewood fretboard, but your neck will stay ultra-stable under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Straight-forward look

The Ibanez RGIR37BFE 7-string Iron Label solidbody electric guitar looks mean. It boasts the classic sharp contours that have made the RG line a mainstay in the heavy metal world for decades. And the guitar's mahogany body's flat finish blends perfectly with the guitar's black hardware and flat-black EMG pickup covers. This guitar definitely chooses to let its high-powered voice speak for its self. So when you want to hit the stage and let your music do the talking, grab your Ibanez RGIR37BFE 7-string.

Ibanez RGIR37BFE 7-string Iron Label Electric Guitar Features:

  • 7-string guitar designed for playing heavy metal
  • Two EMG active pickups give the punishing tone you're after
  • 3-piece maple/bubinga Wizard neck is ultra-fast and stable
  • Mahogany body sounds huge and offers plenty of sustain
  • Gibraltar Standard II fixed bridge is comfortable and very stable
  • Onboard kill switch offers more ways of self expression
  • 24-fret rosewood fretboard
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