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Ibanez J Custom RG8570CST in Natural

Ibanez J Custom RG8570CST in Natural

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Like all of the guitars in Ibanez's high-end J Custom line, the RG8570CST is brimming with looks, tone, and playability. Its beautiful exotic-maple-capped African mahogany body supplies unbelievable resonance and sustain. Its 5-piece neck provides a just-right feel, while a J Custom fret edge treatment infuses its ebony fingerboard with the ultimate in smooth playability. DiMarzio's Tone Zone, True Velvet, and Air Norton pickups push your amp to get crunchy rhythms and hot leads. Beyond that, you can bend, twist, and dive-bomb with impunity, thanks to a Lo-Pro Edge tremolo. The RG8570CST features recessed control knobs and an eye-grabbing fingerboard inlay.

Incredibly fast J Custom Super Wizard neck

Ibanez Wizard necks are thin and built for speed, and they enable effortless playability and comfort. The RG8570CST takes that design to the next level with its 5-piece maple/wenge J Custom Super Wizard neck. The just-right feel provided by this neck encourages lightning-fast runs, arpeggios, and hammer-ons. Capping the neck is a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, loaded with jumbo frets that are perfect for big note bends. Beyond that, the RG8570CST's frets have been given the J Custom edge treatment, delivering the ultimate in smooth playability.

Three DiMarzio pickups cover an expansive sonic range

There's no denying the massive range of tone that you can get out of the Ibanez RG8570CST's trio of DiMarzio pickups. First, there's the DiMarzio Tone Zone at the bridge — a hot humbucker with a super-wide dynamic range. It's a perfect complement to the DiMarzio Air Norton at the neck, which is deep, warm, and remarkably clean. Finally, a DiMarzio True Velvet in the middle position offers up clean, punchy high and midrange tones. You'll love this ultra-flexible pickup trio.

Lo-Pro Edge tremolo for maximum expression

Whether you palm mute with precision or simply have a wild strumming style, few things are worse than getting hung up on your bridge during a furious performance. Guitar players of all agree the Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge gets out of the way of your playing while still serving up maximum expression and tuning stability. You’ll barely know it’s there, thanks to its streamlined profile and recessed fine tuners. And locking studs give you additional tuning stability. You also get a specially designed arm socket that prevents unnecessary wobble, while providing you with full control over the arm’s torque.

Ibanez RG8570CST Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Resonant African mahogany body capped in beautiful exotic maple
  • 5-piece maple/wenge J Custom Super Wizard neck provides a just-right feel
  • Ebony fingerboard with J Custom fret edge treatment delivers the ultimate in smooth playability
  • DiMarzio Air Norton, True Velvet, and Tone Zone pickups serve up classic tone
  • Play expressively while maintaining your tuning stability with the Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
  • Recessed control knobs and an eye-grabbing fingerboard inlay
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