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Gibson SG Special Original Collection - Ebony

Gibson SG Special Original Collection - Ebony

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The Legendary SG Special Lives On!

Officially in its 60th year of turning heads and rattling eardrums, the Gibson SG Special continues to invite superlatives and adoration for its iconic body design and absolute mind-blowing tone. Launched in 1961, the SG Special became a staple stage axe for legends like Pete Townsend, Angus Young, Frank Zappa, and Tony Iommi, just to name a very few. Its incredible balance and unique playability continue to win over legions of younger players as they fall instantly in love with a bona fide classic. Staying true to its classic origins, the SG Special features an all-mahogany body with a SlimTaper neck profile and a rosewood fingerboard — the time-tested materials that produce a resonant tone that many can identify when blindfolded! Two soapbar P-90 pickups magnify all that resonance with searing hot, defined single-coil tone. The SG Special is just one of the seminal guitars that helped launch the golden era of rock 'n' roll, and there is no doubt it will continue to rock the stages and garages of players for decades to come. Heck, this workhorse will likely end up on the moon one day as humans expand their habitation horizons!

Dare to sound different

We have many fiercely loyal P-90 fans here. These guitarists know that the P-90 offers a unique tonal palette that is distinct from — and complements — humbuckers and traditional single-coils. Gibson’s first successful single-coil pickup, the P-90 can be heard on countless classic recordings. With its biting treble and high output, the P-90 cleans up nicely when you roll back your guitar’s volume pot. It’s an amazingly versatile pickup with its own brand of grit — a bit brighter, leaner, and less refined than a humbucker and almost as hot. Hit your amp hard, and the P-90 really wails. Plugged into a proper high-gain tube amp, you can elicit grind, sizzle, and bark that would be impossible with humbuckers — or with other single-coils, for that matter. To hear P-90s brilliantly deployed in historical context, check out Santana’s fiery Woodstock performance, the Who’s masterful Live at Leeds album — or any number of classic Beatles tunes.

SlimTaper neck and Plek’d frets for optimized playability

Comfort and playability were two of Gibson’s primary concerns when they were designing the SG Special. You’ll be delighted by how this guitar’s fast SlimTaper neck profile comfortably fits your hand in just the right way. For your playing pleasure, the rosewood fingerboard is buffed to silky smoothness and bound with rolled edges so that no fret ends impede your dexterity. The frets are dressed to perfection using a Plek Pro machine for optimized playability. Typically reserved for top-dollar custom guitars, this process levels the frets with pinpoint precision, providing you with the most playable fretboard you’re likely to own.

Nitro finish for the look and feel of a classic

Gibson gave the SG Special a gorgeous nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Nitro finishes — standard back in the day — are significantly thinner than today’s polyurethane finishes, allowing the guitar to “breathe.” Nitro finishes not only look amazing, but they also enhance the instrument’s tonal qualities. The SG Special has the look and feel of a lovingly cared-for classic — one that will only improve with age.

Gibson SG Special Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Legendary solidbody continues to rock the world over
  • All-mahogany body cut to iconic shape delivers resonant tone and killer balance
  • Rosewood fingerboard buffed to silky smoothness and bound with rolled edges so that no fret ends impede your dexterity
  • 2 classic P-90s kick out biting treble and high output, cleaning up whenever you need them to by rolling back the volume pot
  • SlimTaper neck profile comfortably fits your hand and has been Plek'd to perfection
  • Gorgeous nitrocellulose lacquer finish really lets the color shine and enhances resonance
  • Compensated wraparound bridge for impeccable sustain and tuning support
  • Vintage Kluson tuners with white buttons
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