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Flamma FX150 Guitar Multi Effects in Gray

Flamma FX150 Guitar Multi Effects in Gray

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FX150 Guitar Multi Effects for Studio, Stage, Practice

FLAMMA FX150 boasts 160 types of unique effects ranging from modulation and delay effects to tonal presets, preamps, and amp simulation models. FLAMMA FX150 users have complete control over these effects and amp simulators and can modify and overwrite presets using the easy-to-use FX150 editor software across 180 user slots.

5'LCD Touch Screen
Smoothly and easily edit parameters with high quality touch screen. The big coloful 5' LCD screen brings you more convenience on practice or performance. You can easily adjust the effects chain at your finger between 10 effects modules.

4 Cable-method & FX LOOP
Global EQ allows user to adjust the tone quickly according to different audio setups. As the FX150 has an integrated FX LOOP, you can use the FX150 with an amplifier via Four-Cable Method. You can also add your favorite pedals into the effects loop.

30 Cab Sims & 50 Empty Slots
58 high quality 1024-point preamp models with the feel of an authentic tube amplifier, 30 high-quality cab simulations are preinstalled onto the FX150 alongside a huge range of pre-amp models. It also supports 3rd IR loading into 50 empty slots. Craft your sounds with plenty of choice.

Guitar Live Setup & Studio Recording
3-footswitches allows you easily control presets and guitar effects for complex live setups. Two different footswitch control modes for different situations. CTRL footswitch allows user to set corresponding footswitch as the on/off switch or tap tempo switch.

Home Practice Device & One-Man-Band
These drum machines, metronomes, and guitar effects can be used together with the 52-second looper, programmable foot switches, and auxiliary input, to create a truly unified, cutting-edge and professional music creation station.

FX150 Supports All Major I/O Setups

USB Audio
• USB audio recording with specialized editor software & OTG Recording

EXP2 Port
1/4” stereo audio input jack, connect to external expression pedal

Use the FX150 with an amplifier via FX LOOP to build your guitar setsup

• OUTPUT: 1/4” stereo audio output jack for unbalanced signal

SIZE : 15.5*28.7*8.4 cm
DIM. : 1.345KG

160 : Num. of Effect
180 : Num. of Preset Module
10 : Num. of Effect Patch

1024 : Sample Accuracy
WAV : File Format
44.1 kHz : Sample Rate

AUX IN 1*1/8” unbalanced stereo input jack impedance value 47kΩ
EXP 2 1*1/4” TRS jack,
impedance value 10kΩ
INPUT/OUTPUT 1*1/4” unbalanced mono input jack,impedance value 1MΩ
SEND 1*1/4” unbalanced mono output jack,impedance value 510Ω
RETURN 1*1/4” unbalanced mono input jack,impedance value 1MΩ
PHONES 1*1/8” stereo output jack,impedance value 47Ω
USB 1*USB TYPE-C port,
USB Audio for, OTG Recording

Spill-over Function
• Spill-over function for delay/reverb to fade out naturally

Global EQ Setting
• Adjust the tone quickly according to different audio setups

CTRL Footswitch
• Set corresponding footswitch as the on/off switch or tap tempo switch

Editable Effects Chain
• Change the order of modules on touch screen or software

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