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Epiphone Jared James Nichols "Blues Power" Les Paul Custom in Aged Pelham Blue

Epiphone Jared James Nichols "Blues Power" Les Paul Custom in Aged Pelham Blue

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What do you get when you combine soulful blues with the raw edge of rock guitar histrionics? In the words of 6-string firebrand Jared James Nichols: “Blues Power,” his self-described moniker for his idiosyncratic brand of searing blues-meets-hard-rock ferocity. The aptly titled Epiphone Jared James Nichols “Blues Power” Les Paul Custom is a tribute to that very sound, adding a whole new spin to its namesake's “Gold Glory” signature Epiphone. This guitar’s distinctive combination of an all-mahogany body, elegant Les Paul Custom cosmetics, and a Les Paul Junior-style single-pickup, 1-piece bridge configuration mirrors “Gold Glory” model, with two dramatic differences: an Aged Pelham Blue finish and Jared’s signature Seymour Duncan JJN P-90 Silencer pickup. The result is an instrument that hits every bit as hard as Jared’s iconic Les Pauls, but with a crystal-clear, hum-free operation that allows for dirt-drenched leads and roaring tube saturation without a hint of hum.

n assist from Joe Perry

As the guitar world took note of Jared James Nichols’s rise to prominence, he was approached by Epiphone for signature model ideas. Jared’s resulting design proved to be an easy choice. Ever since he borrowed a ’50s Les Paul Custom with a single pickup from Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, Jared knew he had to have one. His dreams were realized with the signature Jared James Nichols “Gold Glory” Les Paul Custom, and now the Jared James Nichols “Blues Power” Les Paul Custom model takes that same formula to a new level with a sparkling Aged Pelham Blue finish and noiseless JJN P-90 Silencer pickup.

P-90 punch without a hint of hum

Jared James Nichols’s sound is well-steeped in the blues tradition, but his hard-edged tone often ventures into serious high-gain territory — a challenge for any single-coil pickup. Luckily for high-octane players everywhere, the Epiphone Jared James Nichols “Blues Power” Les Paul Custom’s single Seymour Duncan JJN P-90 Silencer effortlessly merges all the depth and dynamism of a vintage-style P-90 pickup with an exceptionally hum-free noiseless design. From expressive cleans to all-out distortion, most guitarists agree that you’d be hard-pressed to stump this P-90’s wide-ranging versatility. Moreover, while the JJN P-90 Silencer is undoubtedly a modern take on the P-90, it’s still a P-90.Plug in, and you’ll revel inall the clarity, bark, and harmonic richness that’s made the design a staple since the early days of electric guitar manufacturing.

Substantial ’50s “C”-shaped neck

Wrap your hand around the Jared James Nichols “Blues Power” Les Paul Custom’s ’50s “C” mahogany neck, and you’ll be primed for blazing-fast fingerpicking, monster bends, and wicked pinch harmonics. Full enough to remain comfortable up and down its slick 12-inch-radius fingerboard and fast enough for fleet-fingered blues licks, this solidbody electric guitar’s neck plays for keeps. If you’re a fan of that 1950s neck feel, the Jared James Nichols “Blues Power” is ready to conjure some black magic.

Epiphone Jared James Nichols “Blues Power” Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Features:

  • Designed to Jared James Nichols’ personal specs to capture the essence of his “Blues Power” sound
  • Exceptionally warm-sounding all-mahogany body
  • Mahogany neck in a chunky ’50s “C” profile
  • Glassy ebony fingerboard, loaded with 22 frets in a 12-inch radius for screaming bends and an effortless feel
  • 1-piece wraparound Lightning Bar compensated bridge enhances sustain and string-to-body resonance
  • Rock-solid Grover Locking Rotomatic tuners for quick string changes and superior tuning stability
  • Seymour Duncan JJN P-90 Silencer pickup provides all the snarl, depth, and clarity of a vintage-style P-90 in a hum-free design
  • Gorgeous Les Paul Custom appointments, including a double-bound body, mother-of-pearl split diamond headstock inlays, large block fingerboard inlays, and more
  • Aged Pelham Blue finish pays visual tribute to Jared’s self-described “Blues Power” style
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