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Epiphone Casino Worn Hollowbody - Worn Olive Drab

Epiphone Casino Worn Hollowbody - Worn Olive Drab

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Classic Rock ’n’ Roll Hollowbody Tones

Since 1961, the Epiphone Casino has been a rock ’n’ roll standard. Though it was wielded most famously by The Beatles, this legendary hollowbody electric guitar also found its way into the hands of blues legend Howlin’ Wolf, along with Keith Richards, Dwight Yoakam, Gary Clark Jr., and a host of others throughout its storied history. The Casino Worn’s hollow laminate maple body elicits a warm, yet snappy sound, while its head-turning New Worn finish re-creates the feel of a well-played vintage instrument. Benefit from supreme comfort, thanks to this guitar’s ’60s "C"-shaped mahogany neck, while a 12-inch-radius Indian laurel fingerboard ensures slick playability. Experience superb tone, courtesy of a set of Epiphone PRO P-90 single-coil pickups, which range from a chimey jangle to an unmistakable bark, depending on how hard you hit them. If you’re hungering for classic rock ’n’ roll hollowbody vibes, the Casino Worn is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Incredible hollowbody tone

With its laminated maple back, top, and sides, the Casino Worn is primed for whatever style of music you play. From blues and jazz to rock and beyond, this guitar’s hollow laminate maple body offers tones that are bright and snappy, but not harsh. Pair that with a set mahogany neck and an Indian laurel fingerboard — which bring a touch of thickness and warmth to the tone — and you've got a well-balanced instrument for any genre.

Dare to sound different

We have many fiercely loyal P-90 fans here at Sweetwater. These guitarists know that the P-90 offers a unique tonal palette that is distinct from — and complements — humbuckers and traditional single-coils. Gibson's first successful single-coil pickup, the P-90 can be heard on countless classic recordings. With its biting treble and high output, the P-90 cleans up nicely when you roll back your guitar's volume pot. It's an amazingly versatile pickup with its own brand of grit — a bit brighter, leaner, and less refined than a humbucker, and almost as hot. Hit your amp hard, and the P-90 really wails. Plugged into a proper high-gain tube amp, you can elicit grind, sizzle, and bark that would be impossible with humbuckers — or with other single-coils, for that matter. To hear P-90s brilliantly deployed in historical context, check out Santana's fiery Woodstock performance, The Who's masterful Live at Leeds album — or any number of classic Beatles tunes.

Beatle guitar sounds and more

The Epiphone Casino Worn is a modern version of the legendary hollowbody thinline archtop that The Beatles used throughout their recording career. There was something magical about the combination of the Casino's P-90 pickups and the tube amps of the day that resulted in tone that made Beatles songs instantly recognizable. Remember that Paul McCartney started out with The Beatles as a guitarist, and indeed played quite a few of the guitar parts during the band's illustrious recording career. Paul got his Epiphone Casino in 1962, and immediately altered it for left-hand playing. His hands-down favorite guitar, the Casino can be heard on countless Beatles records, as well as many of Paul's post-Beatles recordings. The Beatles are one of the most important and influential bands of all time, and the Casino Worn puts this unmistakable sound squarely in your hands.

Epiphone Casino Worn Features:

  • Hollow laminate maple body elicits a warm, yet snappy sound
  • Head-turning New Worn finish re-creates the feel of a well-played vintage instrument
  • ’60s "C"-shaped mahogany neck provides incredible comfort
  • 12-inch-radius Indian laurel fingerboard ensures slick playability
  • Epiphone PRO P-90 single-coil pickups range from a chimey jangle to an unmistakable bark
  • Super-stable Epiphone LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge and trapeze tailpiece
  • 3-ply Casino Worn pickguard with eye-grabbing “E” logo
  • Attractive parallelogram fingerboard inlays, Gold Top Hat knobs, and single-ply binding
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