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Epiphone Broadway - Vintage Natural

Epiphone Broadway - Vintage Natural

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Epi's Classic Jazz Box is Back!

Since 1931, the Epiphone Broadway hollowbody electric guitar has been eliciting gasps of wonder from audiences far and wide. It all dates back to Epi Stathopoulo's unwavering aesthetic philosophy. Simply put, that legendary guitar maker firmly believed a guitar should be a work of art that belonged onstage in the hands of a passionate performer. One look at the Broadway archtop's gorgeous spruce-topped maple body adorned with gold hardware and elegant abalone inlays, and you'll understand what he meant. And when you take the stage with this timeless jazz box, you'll know for sure that the Epiphone Broadway's beauty is far from superficial.

This jumbo jazz box lives on as the king of the archtops

For over 80 years, classic Epiphone hollowbody archtops such as their Broadway have been the stuff of legend. Back when Epi Stathopoulo first produced this remarkable instrument, guitar amplification was still in its infancy, so its larger-than-average body was considered something of a necessity to achieve the acoustic projection that bolstered its electric voice. Today, the rich resonance this curvaceous jazz box helps to draw out an expanded range of tone, which is why many modern artists continue to swear by this magnificent axe.

Vintage-style electronics deliver the sound of jazz

Although the natural acoustic projection of the Epiphone Broadway hollowbody guitar is nothing short of impressive, you're still going to play plugged-in whenever you take the stage. That's when you'll hear the magic of its vintage-style electronics in action. Epiphone loaded this iteration of the Broadway with a special pair of Alnico Classic humbuckers, each with its volume and tone knob. This gives you a massive range of fat, warm tone that's perfect for both lead and rhythm work.

Adorned with the choicest appointments

From its authentic Frequensator split-trapeze tailpiece to its set of 16:1 Grover tuning machines, Epiphone graced the Broadway archtop with a full complement of elegant gold hardware. As soon as the stage lights alight on these appointments, you can bet your audience will take note. But all that glitters on this fabulous guitar isn't gold — there's also the traditional pearloid and abalone block and triangle fret markers and matching Tree of Life headstock inlays as well. Top it off with a curvaceous, vintage-style floating pickguard, and there's no denying that this Broadway guitar is a real looker.

Epiphone Broadway Hollowbody Archtop Electric Guitar Features:

  • A magnificent jumbo archtop electric guitar with roots running back to the big band era
  • Hollowbody design with maple back and sides and spruce top delivers bright and balanced tone with plenty of natural acoustic projection
  • Two Alnico Classic Humbuckers, each with their own volume and tone controls, provide a massive range of jazz tone
  • Gold hardware, pearloid and abalone inlays, and floating pickguard complement the natural beauty of this instrument
  • Authentic Frequensator split trapeze tailpiece, floating pau ferro bridge, and 16:1 Grover tuning machines ensure tuning stability
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