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Boss Dual Cube LX Guitar Amplifier

Boss Dual Cube LX Guitar Amplifier

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A Desktop-sized Stereo Powerhouse

The Cube series has set the standard for portable amps with big tone for decades, and the BOSS Dual Cube LX guitar amplifier takes it even further with lush stereo sound! This 2 x 4-inch speaker amplifier pushes 10 watts for a sound that belies its compact size, offering eight versatile amp settings to cover almost any style. Next, seven built-in BOSS effects, a 3-band EQ, and the Dual Cube LX Editor app allow you to finely sculpt and adjust every parameter of your sound — you can even save your favorite creations for later using the 27 memory presets. Perhaps the most flexible Cube amp yet, the Dual Cube LX’s diverse range of connectivity options make it equally suited for street performance, dialed-back jams, recording, livestreams, or even simple home practice sessions. Did we mention that it offers both an AC adapter and AA battery functionality? From the stage to the desk, the BOSS Dual Cube LX delivers the atmospheric, three-dimensional sound that only a true stereo setup can provide.

Designed for portability

Portability is a key component across the entire Cube range, so it’s no surprise that the Dual Cube LX boasts a sleek, compact form factor. However, tucked away in its unassuming size is a powerful 2 x 4-inch custom speaker design, pushing 10 watts to effortlessly cover everything from street performances to small jam sessions. What’s more, the Dual Cube LX offers both an AC adapter for at-home playing and AA battery operation (eight) for complete sonic freedom.

True stereo sound

There are few sounds we love more than a stereo chorus or ping-pong delay. But unless you’re lugging around a Jazz Chorus, these tones are often unattainable when playing portable rigs. However, the Dual Cube LX’s true stereo functionality and advanced spatial processing allow you to take your favorite three-dimensional effects anywhere! In addition, this amp's dual stereo inputs make it a natural fit for amp/effect processors and effects pedals that feature stereo in/outs.

Limitless connectivity

Need an amp for the stage? What about studio recording? Streaming a performance of your latest track? The BOSS Dual Cube LX boasts a wide range of connectivity options to meet the needs of any musical task. Hooking your Dual Cube LX to a stage PA is a breeze thanks to the dual stereo line-outs, allowing you to tackle any audience size with ease. Plus, these line outs authentically replicate your real-world tones via the Dual Cube LX’s mic’d cab emulations, breathing some space and scale into your tone. Moreover, the USB/i-Cube link connections allow for effortless home recording and play-along practice to your favorite tracks. You can even capture your voice via headphone mic to send both your voice and guitar signal to your livestream!

Cover endless sonic ground

The Dual Cube LX sports a selection of eight world-class guitar amp types (including one microphone preamp type), providing a massive sonic punch through the true stereo 2 x 4-inch speaker design. These amps are precisely tuned by BOSS for natural response and tone, but that’s just the beginning of the Dual Cube LX’s mighty versatility; a wealth of genuine BOSS effects are built right into this amp — delay, modulation, octave, reverb, you name it. Plus, the Dual Cube LX editor provides extensive customization tools to perfectly tune your effects to taste. Finally, 27 memory presets (three for each amp type) are available to instantly access your favorite amp and pedal settings.

BOSS Dual Cube LX 2 x 4-inch 10-watt Portable Combo Amplifier Features:

  • Compact and portable battery powered (AC adapter included) design that allows you to perform anywhere
  • 10-watts through 2 x 4-inch speakers pushes out more than enough volume for street performances, impromptu jam sessions, and home practice
  • 8 versatile amp settings that run the tonal gamut, precisely tuned for authentic tone and a natural response
  • Built-in mic preamp for use as a mobile PA system
  • 7 BOSS effects with deep editing capabilities courtesy of the Dual Cube LX app
  • Stereo input mode for wide, enveloping sound and true compatibility with stereo modelers/pedals
  • 3-band EQ to sculpt your tone
  • 27 amp and effect settings can be stored as memory presets
  • Stereo line out makes it a breeze to plug into a PA for easy live performance
  • Mic’d cab emulation available on the line out to add some space to your tone
  • USB audio functionality for effortless direct recording and livestreaming
  • Control jack allows for up to 2 outboard footswitches
  • Onboard looper accessible via an external footswitch
  • Playback audio from your device using the i-CUBE link/aux in
  • Optional Bluetooth via the MIDI Dual Adapter

Tech Specs :

  • Type : Solid State 
  • Number of Channels : Single channel
  • Total Power : 10W
  • Speaker Size : 2 x 4" Custom Design
  • Reverb : Yes
  • Effects : Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Octave
  • Amp Modeling : 8 x Amp Voicings
  • EQ : 3-band EQ
  • Inputs : 2 x 1/4" (L, R), 1 x 1/8" (i-CUBE Link/aux in)
  • Outputs : 2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R)
  • USB : 1 x Type B
  • Bluetooth : Yes (optional BT-DUAL adapter required)
  • Headphones : 1 x 1/8" (phones/rec out)
  • Footswitch I/O : 1 x 1/4" (looper, memory)
  • Footswitch Included : No
  • Computer Connectivity : USB, Bluetooth
  • Power Source : 9V DC power supply (included), 8 x AA batteries
  • Height : 8.5"
  • Width : 13.43"
  • Depth : 6.43"
  • Weight : 7.31 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number : D-CUBE LX
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