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Boss BP-1W Boost, Overdrive and Preamp Effects Pedal

Boss BP-1W Boost, Overdrive and Preamp Effects Pedal

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Three Boost/Preamp Voices Inspired by BOSS Analog Royalty

The BP-1W is an immensely versatile boost/preamp pedal, sporting a trio of voices pulled from legendary BOSS and Roland classics. The key to this pedal’s versatile tone is a 3-position switch located front and center on the top panel, delivering three distinct flavors of boost and preamp tones straight out of BOSS’ vintage legacy. From the clear and chimey preamp tone of a vintage BOSS CE-1 to the darker, vibe-filled richness of the Roland RE-201’s preamp section, the BP-1W captures some of the coveted sounds in the BOSS catalog. For additional versatility, the BP-1W also boasts a NAT mode that functions as an ultra-clean boost to bolster your tone without adding any color. You also get selectable Standard/Vintage input buffer modes with drastically different tonal responses. Much more than a simple boost pedal, the BP-1W is a veritable history lesson in the art of BOSS analog architecture.

Two Old-School Preamps and a Squeaky-Clean Boost

At first glance, the BOSS BP-1W’s 2-knob setup looks strikingly similar to any other boost pedal. However, the feature that truly sets the BP-1W apart from the pack is its unique trio of boost/preamp voices, borrowed from some of the iconic Roland and BOSS analog circuits in music history.

  • RE: Hailing from the classic Roland RE-201 Space Echo, the RE voice delivers a gritty, vintage-style warmth that’s superb for slamming into the front of your favorite tube amp.
  • CE: This voice stems from the first mass-produced chorus pedal: The BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble. Compared to RE, CE sports a cleaner and brighter response with a bell-like character to its upper frequencies.
  • NAT: Finally, NAT is a supremely versatile and ultra-clean boost. This setting is ideal for guitarists looking to drive their amp or beef up their pickups without altering the sound of their base tone.

Waza Craft: a Higher Art of Stompbox Design

The Japanese word "waza" means art and technique, an appropriate name for BOSS's premium line of redesigned guitar effects pedals. Even in their Standard modes, Waza Craft pedals sound like idealized versions of the originals, offering the same sonic character that made them iconic, but with less noise and more consistent tone. And when you A/B the standard and custom modes, the contrast is nothing short of astonishing.

Features :

  • Ultra-versatile 3-voice analog boost/preamp pedal
  • RE and CE voices capture the legendary preamp tones of the vintage Roland RE-201 and BOSS CE-1 units
  • NAT voice serves as an ultra-clean modern boost to beef up your tone without adding any color
  • Remarkably simple 2-knob operation with Gain and Level controls
  • Adjustable Standard/Vintage buffer modes dramatically change the pedal’s overall tonal response
  • Classic tank-like BOSS metal enclosure

Tech Specs :

  • Pedal Type : Boost, Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital : Analog
  • Inputs : 1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs : 1 x 1/4"
  • Bypass Switching : Switchable Buffered Bypass (Standard, Vintage)
  • Controls : Mode Switch (RE, NAT, CE)
  • Power Source : 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Batteries : 1 x 9V
  • Power Usage : 60mA
  • Height : 2.37"
  • Width : 2.87"
  • Depth : 5.12"
  • Weight : 1 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number : BP-1W
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