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IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal Amplifier/Cabinet/Pedal Modeler

IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal Amplifier/Cabinet/Pedal Modeler

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Take the groundbreaking guitar modeling might of the IK Multimedia TONEX ecosystem out of the studio and onto the stage with the TONEX Pedal! In a nutshell, this pedal is a portable, computer-free way to access your TONEX Tone Model library, with a whopping 150 preset slots to store your favorite amplifiers, cabinets, pedals, and full-size rig models. IK Multimedia also grants you access to 1,000 of their Premium Tone Models (accessible via the included TONEX MAX software and the TONEX app), containing near-indistinguishable replications of some of the world’s rarest and most sought-after gear. Still, that’s only the beginning of the TONEX Pedal’s stage and studio utility with 5-pin MIDI I/O, USB audio interface functionality, stereo output, built-in effects, VIR cabinets, and much more, the TONEX Pedal’s all-encompassing feature set is all but guaranteed to become the centerpiece of your next stage or studio rig.

150 world-class Tone Models

The TONEX Pedal harnesses the power of IK Multimedia’s cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling technology to deliver you up to 150 studio-grade Tone Model presets at any one time. This pedal is essentially the world’s most well-stocked studio guitar locker in an easily portable pedal format, packed to the brim with exact tonal replicas of the world’s most sought-after amplifiers, pedals, cabinets, and even full-size rigs. Plus, while IK provides 1,000 premium tone models right out of the gate, you can also download unlimited free user models for a truly endless assortment of tones.

The centerpiece of your TONEX ecosystem

While the TONEX Capture and TONEX software are excellent choices for musicians at home or in the studio, the TONEX Pedal is a performing musician’s dream! Boasting an exceptionally straightforward control scheme with three footswitches to swap between your presets, an assortment of knobs, and an easy-to-read screen allows you to take your TONEX models out of the studio and straight onto the stage — no computer necessary. Moreover, when testing the TONEX Pedal, we were incredibly impressed by its straightforward operation. The TONEX Pedal may be host to some of the most advanced modeling technology in the guitar world, but operating it still feels like tweaking a pedal or dialing in a traditional amplifier.

Ultra-realistic VIR cabinet simulations

The TONEX Pedal comes equipped with a host of IK Multimedia VIR (Volumetric Impulse Response) cabinet simulations to offer the most true-to-life Tone Models possible. These top-class simulations utilize hundreds of IRs per cabinet to capture every nuance and detail of playing through a traditional speaker cabinet in the flesh. What’s more, the TONEX Pedal is also fully compatible with custom IRs. You can even create a cab sim of your favorite speaker cabinet using TONEX Capture or TONEX Software.

Effortless home recording

For all the TONEX Pedal’s performance-minded features, make no mistake: this pedal is primed for the studio. In fact, the TONEX Pedal doubles in function as a full-fledged USB audio interface, allowing you to lay down studio-quality guitar tracks in your DAW of choice with just your instrument and the TONEX Pedal. Lastly, a rear-panel headphone jack allows for simple direct monitoring of your tone and makes the TONEX Pedal an endlessly convenient noise-free practice partner.

IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal Features:

  • Puts the power of IK Multimedia’s state-of-the-art TONEX ecosystem at your feet
  • Includes TONEX MAX software and IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 5
  • Can hold up to 150 separate TONEX Tone Models of your favorite pedals, amps, cabinets, or whole-rig models at once
  • Comes with 1,000 Premium Tone Models from IK Multimedia right off the bat, with limitless access to free user Tone Models on ToneNET
  • Download your preferred Tone Models using TONEX software, or you can even capture your own gear with TONEX Capture
  • Access your preferred TONEX models using the free TONEX iOS app
  • Load up your own custom IRs to perfectly dial in your tone
  • 150 presets organized into 50 banks of three preset slots for quick access
  • Parametric EQ, gain control, and volume to adjust your sound for your respective application
  • Built-in utility effects including an advanced noise gate, compressor, 5 stereo reverbs, and analog-modeled EQ
  • Straightforward operation with an easy-to-read screen
  • Functions as a 24-bit/44.1kHz USB audio interface for effortless guitar tracking
  • Headphone out for quiet practice and recording
  • Full MIDI functionality for enhanced control, with 5-pin DIN I/O
  • Crafted in Italy with top-quality construction, including a road-ready aluminum chassis
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